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Did you know WeCloudData also provides consulting services through a sister company, Beamdata? We’ve helped many enterprises and startups with their digital transformation, data strategies, and project delivery. Let us know how we can help!

Need help with Data & AI strategies and implementation? WeCloudData can help!

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Data & AI Consulting Services

Here’s a variety of services we provide to our clients.

Data Strategy & Roadmap

We help clients in the early-stage of their data initiatives build data roadmaps and give advice on data strategies:

  • Assess the data and business analytics needs
  • Data science capability assessment
  • Help build 2-3 year data and AI roadmap
  • Help set team roadmap and build hiring plans
Data Engineering & Architect

We help clients set up data infrastructure, implement data pipelines and develop data integration solutions:

  • Build data infrastructure in the cloud
  • Implement data collection and migration plan
  • Data scraping and annotation
  • Build ETL pipelines and data warehouse/lake
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

We help clients identify key business metrics and build BI pipelines and dashboards for visual analytics:

  • Data exploration and analytics
  • Visual storytelling through dashboards
  • Customer and product data analytics
  • Application integration and embedded analytics
Data Science & Machine Learning

We help clients build predictive analytics solutions for various business scenarios: 

  • Machine Learning services
  • Deep Learning and Inference
  • ML Engineer and MLOps
  • Computer vision & NLP

What our clients are saying

Through designing and building hundreds of rooms, Furnishr has a catalogue of data about customer preferences, whether it’s colours, fabrics, or materials. Our machine learning platform leverages these insights to predict what kind of custom rooms our customers might want.

We needed help cataloguing our data and building our recommendation engine, and the WeCloudData team helped develop analysis reports and tools for various Furnishr projects over a few months. Help helped us leverage the latest industry tools and platforms and their outputs were very useful in building some of our key capabilities.

Karen Lau
CTO @ Furnishr Inc.


Here’s a variety of services we provide to our clients.

success stories

Case Studies

If you’re interested in knowing about our capabilities and some of the past projects we’ve implemented for our clients, read a selection of the case studies below.


Case Study: Integrated AI Content Search


Case Study: Personalized Recommender System


Case Study: Lookalike Models for Audience Expansion


Case Study: E-commerce Customer Segmentation


Case Study: Real-time Data Streaming Pipeline Optimization


Case Study: Topic Modelling on Technician Notes

Let’s solve your data problems

From data roadmaps, needs assessment, to data architecture, data analysis, and machine learning, WeCloudData can help our clients do quick prototyping and implement data strategies that allow them to start generating business value from data as quickly as possible.  

Do you have a data challenge? Let WeCloudData help you. 

Contact us for a free consultation session. 

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