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Our students come from diverse backgrounds including business, engineering, IT, sciences, etc. Some of them are also career switchers or from abroad. We have many amazing stories of their data journey to share with you! 

Scroll down to learn more about our students who have landed Dx jobs after completing our programs!  


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Success Stories

Tony Li

Senior Analyst@ President's Choice Financial

President's Choice Financial-weclouddata
Tony Li: Journey from Business Analyst to Senior Fraud Analyst with WeCloudData
Tony’s journey through WeCloudData’s Data Science program transformed him from a curious explorer to a confident Senior Fraud Analyst.
Gavin Ding
Navigating the Data Analytics Landscape: Insights from Gavin Ding, Data Management Analyst at the Government of Alberta
Explore Gavin Ding’s journey from electrical engineering to data analytics, discovering his challenges, triumphs, and valuable advice for aspiring data professionals in today’s competitive landscape.
Trisankur Bhuyan

BI Specialist at AstraZeneca

Unlocking Success in Data Analytics: Trisankur Bhuyan's Journey with WeCloudData
Embark on the inspiring journey of Trisankur Bhuyan, a seasoned IT professional turned BI Specialist at AstraZeneca. Gain insights into his strategies, the impact of real-world projects, and valuable advice for aspiring data professionals.
Vatsala Sharma

Data Engineer@Fairstone Bank

Navigating the Data Science Landscape: Insights from Vatsala Sharma, Data Engineer at Fairstone Bank of Canada
In our exclusive interview, Vatsala Sharma, now a successful Data Engineer at Fairstone Bank of Canada, takes us through her journey from an Electrical Engineering background to becoming a proficient Data Scientist. Vatsala shares her experiences with WeCloudData (WCD), shedding light on her decision-making process, the impact of the program on her career, and valuable advice for aspiring data professionals.
Shima Sadat

ML/AI Data Scientist@MarkiTech.AI

Navigating the Data Science Landscape with Shima Sadat
Shima: Engineer to Data Scientist at WeCloudData. Hands-on program, real projects, mentorship. Overcame pandemic job challenges in 8 months. Grateful for transformative experience and support.
Lily Xiao

Senior Data Engineer @ RBC

I still learn a lot from reviewing the course after graduation.
Postgraduate, WeCloudData paired me with a great career mentor who encouraged me a lot and helped me landed on a new job as a senior data engineer.
Daniel Chil

Senior Data Engineer @ Nasdaq

The most interesting part of the bootcamps were the projects.
I started getting a lot of interviews after working on my resume countless times. I spent at least an hour daily since I graduated from the bootcamp, going through my resume and improving the points, and try to align it with my storytelling. Having Real-life client project and personal Data engineering, played a big part in getting interviews and eventually landing on a job.
Yang Wu

Data Engineer @ Rogers Communications

Joined the DE program from a friend's referral. Graduated with a DE offer!
It completely changed my life since WCD data engineering program brought me into a new field, and this data industry is really what I have been interested and spent quite a lot of effort before but didn’t get any feedback. However after attending WCD data engineering program, not only I gained this knowledge I am interested, but also landed a job I always wanted.
Waqas Khan - Senior DS at Sanofi
Waqas Khan

Senior Data Scientist @ Sanofi

It took me 2 months, 50 applications, and 9 interviews to land my data scientist job.
I found Web Scraping and Big Data topics as the most interesting aspects of the program. In particular, I really liked doing hands-on projects using web scraping tools such as Beautifulsoup and Selenium to extract unstructured data from web pages for analytical purposes. I also enjoyed the Big Data project where I had to utilize tools such as Spark, Databricks, and Amazon Web Services (EC2, EMR, S3, Kinesis, QuickSight, Athena, etc.) for performing and deploying an end-to-end sentiment analysis on live tweets.
pooja sureja, jr data scientist
Pooja Sureja

Junior Data Scientist @ Toromont CAT

Great onboarding experience with WeCloudData
There are so many good reviews about the program and mentorship. I contacted some institutes to get more information about their program, however, I found that WeCloudData is the best. Amir, the WeCloudData program advisor, helped me with answering all my questions and doubts about the data science program.  


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Our students come from various industries and academic backgrounds. Join a group of like-minded professionals to learn and practice data skills, and stay connected via our strong alumni networks and MeetUp communities

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The Bootcamp is more than just the courses, it is the beginning of many possibilities. For example, it is a good platform for networking. Your peers come from different backgrounds and experiences, and they bring fresh perspectives and information you might not know before.

You will also share a lot in common, you are here because you all have goals, you all have put in thought and work into your career development, and you are going to go through the intensive program or work on projects together. This will be a bonding experience and you will find friends here.

Christina Song
Senior Business Analyst @ Scotiabank

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