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Enroll in our Applied Business Intelligence bootcamp—a dynamic program featuring industry-relevant use cases to impress hiring managers. Learn essential data analysis skills, apply them in real-world scenarios guided by senior professionals, and build a compelling portfolio. Receive mentorship to enhance your personal brand through impactful storytelling and presentation skills, preparing you for success as a data/BI analyst. Secure your first role with confidence—enroll now!

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Access our comprehensive ✨self-paced✨ learning materials 24/7

Learn on your own terms and schedule. Our self-paced approach allows you to delve into the world of data without the pressure of deadlines. Take control of your learning journey, progressing at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Learn at your own pace without deadlines, tailoring your journey to fit your lifestyle.

Interactive Modules

Dive deep into data concepts through videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises that bring theory to life.

TA Support

Get dedicated support from experienced teaching assistants for guidance whenever needed.

Real-World Applications

Our course content is rooted in practical, industry-relevant scenarios, providing insights directly applicable to your professional endeavors


About the Program

Embark on a self-paced journey to become a full-stack business intelligence/data analyst with our Applied Business Intelligence Certificate program. Over 12 weeks, learn from 5 industry experts, mastering 5 essential data tools and exploring 8 real-world use cases. This remote learning experience accommodates your schedule, making it ideal for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals looking to upskill. WeCloudData provides unparalleled support, including on-demand TA assistance, weekly mentoring, and interactive review workshops. Join a program that combines flexibility with a practical curriculum, ensuring your success in the dynamic world of data. Ready to transform your career? Connect with our program advisor or fill out the inquiry form to start your self-paced learning journey today.

What you will get
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A Seamless and Enriching Learning Experience

Start Learning Anytime

Engage with self-paced materials designed for learning anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Get TA Support

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are readily available on Slack to assist you with any questions during the bootcamp.

Review Session

Participate in live, interactive workshops with instructors for dynamic review and reinforcement of the covered materials in each module.


Personalized Mentorship

Book a weekly meeting with a mentor who will guide you through your learning and career journey, providing personalized support.


Explore Our Comprehensive Curriculum

WeCloudData Bootcamps are designed to be project-based. We not only cover essential theories, but also teach how to apply tools and platforms that are in high demand today. Our program curriculum is also highly adaptive to the latest market trends. 

  • Excel
    Module 1
    Excel is one of the most widely used data software in the business world, which makes it an appropriate fit for the beginning milestone of the data analytics journey. During this module, students will be (re)introduced to the basics of Excel and utilize the latest features available for analytical tasks. In addition to the plethora of functions, students will use Excel to create comprehensive reports while applying the best practices for analytics and visualizations, making it one of the most popular tools for business intelligence.
    • Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel with a focus on practical application.
    • Through hands-on practice, tackle common business tasks like reporting, dashboards, advanced database functions, logical tests, pivot tables, slicers, and what-if analysis.
    • Excel
    • Functions and formatting
    • Data analysis
    • Report Building and Presentation
  • SQL
    Module 2
    SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard language for relational database management systems used to communicate with a database. This makes SQL one of the must-have skills for any data professional. The SQL Fundamentals course is designed for students or professionals who want to develop a deep practical experience of the most common language used to interact with databases. With this course, students will pick up the SQL skills to impress any manager with their ability to communicate effortlessly with databases and work with multi-dimensional data structures.
    • Learn to master SQL and turn questions into optimized queries using nested queries, complex joins, and window functions.
    • Gain essential skills for solving business scenarios in an analytics role.
    • Get a deep understanding of database schemas and design, and use SQL statements and clauses to perform common business query actions while connecting to a large database.
    • SQL
    • Databases
    • Data modeling
    • Schema
  • Python
    Module 3
    Python has become one of the most popular general-purpose languages in the computing domain, with heavy implementation in back-end development, software development and data science, among other things. Being an open-source high-level programming language with the support of high-quality libraries, it is one of the go-to tools for any data practitioner. With libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn, Python is the perfect choice for data-related activities.
    • This course covers everything you need to know, from the basics of Python to manipulating, cleaning, and preparing data with Pandas.
    • By the end of the course, you’ll be able to work through a real-world analytics project, discovering insights and making data-driven decisions.
    • Finally, work through a real-world analytics project, discovering insights and making data-driven decisions.
    • Python
    • Pandas
    • Data analysis
    • Open data
  • Tableau
    Module 4
    Nothing leaves a more impactful impression of a story than visuals. With the data you will use in Tableau, you will learn to create stunning visuals that provide deep insights. This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of how the Tableau interface works, develop dashboards, and automate interactive reports. All in all, the course will provide a framework behind those reports to get the message across effectively from a visual perspective.
    • Gain a thorough understanding of Tableau’s interface and data visualization concepts.
    • Learn to connect to various data sources and prepare data for analysis.
    • Master the creation of interactive dashboards and reports, including maps, charts, graphs, and other visualizations.
    • Develop proficiency in advanced techniques such as calculated fields, parameters, sets, groups, and advanced calculations.
    • Explore the use of Tableau’s data blending and aggregation features to make informed business decisions.
    • Learn how to publish and share dashboards and reports with colleagues and stakeholders.
    • Gain hands-on experience in real-world case studies and projects to apply your knowledge.
    • Develop best practices and techniques for compelling data storytelling and presentation.
    • Tableau
    • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Interview case study
    • Dashboard
  • Power BI
    Module 5
    Power BI
    Adding to Microsoft’s list of business power tools, Power BI is a relatively new joiner in the domain but has been widely adopted in a short amount of time by many businesses. The business analytics service aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. Being an all-in-one tool for analytics, it can take a dataset from cleaning to prediction models and visualizations within a single software package. While other software are analytically amazing and visually stunning, they tend to lack ETL capabilities as compared to what Power BI offers with its two powerful engines under the hood: Query Editor and Data Model. Data has to be clean and ready for Tableau, and real data is always messy. Arguably, Power BI combines the ETL aspects of Alteryx while retaining Tableau's EDA (exploratory data analysis) functionalities.
    • Develop a deep practical experience with the Power BI UI and functionalities.
    • Learn how to connect to various data sources and prepare data for analysis.
    • Utilize Power Query Editor to load, clean and manipulate data.
    • Learn about cardinalities and data modelling techniques.
    • Build a logical model and create new calculated columns and DAX to develop visually appealing and informative dashboards.
    • Power BI
    • ETL
    • Power Query
    • Data modeling
    • Cardinalities
    • DAX
    • Data visualization
    • Dashboard
  • Industry Case Projects
    Module 6
    Industry Case Projects
    Data skills are transferrable from industry to industry. However, the knowledge and experience of dealing with different kinds of data and business scenarios separate a Senior DA from a Junior DA. To stand out in the job market, career switchers must demonstrate extra knowledge and experience and impress hiring managers in interviews with business knowledge. In this program, instructors from different industries will teach eight use cases. It is like a mini-MBA but much more hands-on and data-driven.
    • Learn how to work with “dirty” data found commonly in online repositories with Digital Transformations.
    • Implement logistics tracking dashboards with Supply chain Analytics.
    • Understand how Digital Marketing Analytics works and build a self-service dashboard to track KPIs.
    • Learn about the banking industry and build lending portfolios with FinTech Analytics.
    • Capture the right audience and track campaign effectiveness with Marketing Analytics.
    • Discover how credit cards work and predict risk using Python with Credit Risk Analytics.
    • Learn how to capture information and visualize highly insightful dashboards in Power BI with Microsoft 365 – Workflow Automation.
    • Finally, understand how to cater to multiple business units and build self-service dashboards with Retail Analytics.
    • Data wrangling
    • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Open data
    • Industry domain knowledge
    • Role specific skills
    • Use case application
  • Portfolio Workshop
    Module 7
    Portfolio Workshop
    With a collection of industry use case projects under your belt, it is time to highlight your best work. A data portfolio is an excellent way of showcasing your skills and creativity through your work during the bootcamp.
    • Understand the purpose of data portfolios, their components, and the benefits of having one.
    • Develop the skills to effectively tell a story with data, including selecting the right data and visualizations and creating compelling narratives.
    • Improve communication skills, including presenting data-driven insights effectively and communicating technical concepts to a non-technical audience.
    • Finally, put all your skills and knowledge into practice by creating a data portfolio showcasing your abilities and the value you can bring to any organization with the eight industry projects in the bootcamp.
    • Storytelling
    • Personal branding
    • Communication
    • Presentation
  • Coding Interview Practice
    Module 8
    Coding Interview Practice
    Tech role interviews and coding assessments have become almost synonymous. The LeetCode platform allows people to practice their coding skills on more than 800+ questions with multiple solutions and difficulty levels. Many of the coding practices found on Leetcode are considerably used during interview sessions and provide a great depth of knowledge for practitioners. In this module, the students will polish their coding skills along with the instructor on SQL and Python-based questions.
    • Understand the purpose and format of technical interviews, including the types of questions asked and the skills and knowledge that are tested.
    • Learn how to implement various algorithms and data structures to solve problems using SQL and Python.
    • Develop coding best practices, including writing clean, readable, and efficient code and the importance of testing & debugging.
    • SQL
    • Python
    • Algorithms

Nail your job search journey via 1-on-1 mentoring

From the beginning of your self-paced bootcamp, our experienced mentors are here to guide you every step of the way. Have questions about the materials? Need career advice to navigate your chosen field? Your dedicated mentor is ready to provide insights, support, and valuable guidance. Together, we’ll shape your learning experience and pave the way for your successful career

Tailored Acceleration and Support:

Your mentor is there to address questions promptly, ensuring a tailored and efficient learning journey

Enhanced Motivation:

Stay motivated and engaged with your studies as your mentor provides encouragement, feedback, and a supportive presence throughout your self-paced bootcamp

Industry Insights:

Gain valuable career advice, insights, and industry knowledge from your mentor, enhancing your understanding and preparing you for success in your chosen field.

Real Client Projects

Gain Hands-on Experience with Hands-on Projects ✨

One of the best ways to get the experience needed for a data & tech career is to start with a project. WeCloudData is one of the few companies who offers this opportunity. In our bootcamp, we’ll give you an opportunity that many graduates don’t have: work on something meaningful and important right away. You will be able to even contribute ideas or solutions that make an impactful change!

*Please note that the Real Client Project is now optional and not included in the Self-paced bootcamp tuition.

Interested in Real Client Project?
Portfolio Projects

Build real project experience to differentiate

We also have a capstone project that gives our students the chance to synthesize their learning and build a portfolio piece they can showcase on their resume or LinkedIn profile. This helps them stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs or opportunities.


Tuition and Scholarship


We believe in investing in the future of our industry and supporting individuals in their professional journeys. That’s why WeCloudData is proud to offer scholarships for individuals looking to pursue professional development or make a career change. 

The Women in Tech scholarship supports and empowers women pursuing careers in the technology industry. This scholarship aims to address gender diversity and underrepresentation in tech by providing financial assistance, mentorship, and access to our comprehensive bootcamp. We celebrate the achievements of aspiring women technologists and equip them with the skills to thrive in the tech sector.

The Laid-off Support is a special offering designed to provide financial assistance and support to individuals who have recently been laid off from their jobs. We understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with job loss, and we want to help those affected continue their professional development in the technology sector. This provides reduced pricing and access to our comprehensive range of courses, allowing laid-off individuals to acquire new skills, enhance their knowledge, and increase their chances of finding new opportunities in the competitive job market.

The Fresh Grads Scholarship is a scholarship program that offers financial assistance to outstanding individuals who have recently completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies within 12 months and are looking to kickstart their careers in data and tech. The scholarship aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, empowering fresh graduates to become competent data professionals through an intensive and comprehensive bootcamp.

student success

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Davidson Dacleu

Graduated 2022 | Reviewed on 10 February 2023

“Definitely one of the best decision I ever made.”

I arrived in Canada with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering with no prior experience in analytics and a low English level. At WeCloudData, every instructor, TA, and mentor are all responsible, patient, and helpful, they always would love to share their experience and useful resources. During the boot camp, you have the chance to work on and present projects that you are passionate about, using all the skills that you learned and really making them yours. After the course, I was assigned a mentor (the best in the world) to help with my resume and interviews in June 2022 until I landed a DA position in January 2023.


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